Hey, I’m Parker.

Parker in the woods

I’m a developer, and a recent graduate of the Information Science program at Cornell University.

I specialize in web development, and prefer Ruby- and Python-based web stacks. I am a recovering PHP user but hope never to have to use it again.

In my free time, I help maintain Jekyll, an open-source static site generator originally created by Tom Preston-Werner back in the day. I am a huge fan of open-source and try to be involved as much as possible. As Ben Balter once wisely said: “Be the pull request you wish to see in the world.” I try to live by this motto.

My main (academic) interests lie in Information Architecture, Information Retrieval, and Information Management.

When not programming, one can find me writing, photographing or singing. In college, I sang in The Class Notes, a jazz/r&b/pop a cappella group at Cornell, and in the Cornell University Glee Club, an all-male classical choral ensemble, for whom I have also written several small web apps.

Connect with me on GitHub, ADN, and Twitter. If you really need me, ping me on a GitHub issue: @parkr.

Last updated on July 30, 2014.